Just a quick blog today.  I've got tons to do.  Wife is home sick with what looks to be the flu.  Not cool, since we both got our flu shots.  I'm really hoping if that's what it is, it isn't shared.   That whole what's mine is yours thing doesn't apply (or shouldn't anyway) to the flu.  Or lice, the clap, gonorrhea etc. etc.

 I'll be updating the page as I go.  As soon as I see how many visitors are stopping by, I may decide to buy the .com rights.  I'm in no way a techie, so I'm doing the absolute best I can.  If you see errors, send me a note and I'll try to get them fixed.  Longer, better blogs will follow.  Just have some patience with me.  I'm working on the last few poems to be included in the "Midnight Musings Redux" book so that it can go to print this summer.  If you have questions, suggestions, gripes etc., feel free to use the contact form on the first page of the website.  I look forward to getting to know my readers, fans, and critics!

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    I've missed blogging, so am glad I have a place to rant and rave again. Comments are always welcome!


    January 2013